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The world’s most advanced compact oven for creating 14” pizza


Introducing the world’s most advanced compact oven. Arc brings Gozney’s renowned design ethos into a sleek form that’s compact outside yet big on cooking space inside. An innovative lateral rolling flame and revolutionary burner replicates the flame of traditional wood-fired ovens, distributing heat evenly and consistently—so you can spend less time turning pizza and more time making memories. Plus, Arc’s intuitive flame control makes it easy to create restaurant-quality 14” pizza in 60s or less, making it the go-to for our world-famous Pizza Collective. With Arc you can create epic pizza, in your perfect outdoor cooking space, easier than ever before.

Oven external dimensions: Width 480mm (18.9") x Depth 564mm (22.2") x Height 342mm (13.5")

Oven internal dimensions: Width 377mm (14.8”) x Depth 462mm (18.1”) x Height 173mm (6.8”)

Door Size: Width 377mm (14.8”) x Height 95mm (3.74”)

Weight:  21.5 Kg/47.5 Ibs (28kg/60lbs in packaging)

Packaging dimensions: Width 536mm (21.2") x Depth 402mm (15.9") x Height 643mm (25.3")

What's in the box

Everything you need to get started:

  • Arc Outdoor Oven
  • Thermometer
  • 1.2m Gas Hose & Regulator
  • burner guard
  • flue outlet
  • stone adjustment tool
  • torx screw driver
  • matchstick holder
  • manual

Care & Maintenance

For the exterior of Arc ensure the oven is cool and use a non-caustic bleach free cleaning spray on the dirty areas. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners like Pink Stuff or Bar Keepers Friend. Clean the area with warm soapy water and a sponge or non- abrasive dish cloth and then wipe clean with paper towels. Arc's flue can also be removed for cleaning.

The best way to clean the inside of Arc is to burn off any food debris or soot that is left behind. When the oven is over 350˚C it will start self cleaning and any burnt on food will burn off after a period of three hours.

For further instructions on how to clean your Arc, please watch our Arc & Arc XL Instructional Videos.

5 Year Warranty

Arc is built to last using professional grade materials. Register your product within 60 days of purchase and benefit from an extended 5 year warranty. Our 1 year warranty comes as standard.


Currently free shipping.

Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase providing the item is in a new and unused condition and in its original packaging.

Cannot ship to army bases.

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Regular price  €699.99
Sale price  €699.99 Regular price 

Introducing Arc XL + Arc

Create epic pizza at home.

Arc combines our unbeatable heat retention with a groundbreaking lateral rolling gas-flame to create unparalleled consistent heat that's easy to precisely control – all in a compact footprint that maximizes cooking space. With Arc XL / Arc you can create epic pizza, in your perfect outdoor cooking space, easier than ever before.

2-Layer Unbeatable Heat Retention

Gets hot, stays hot.

Unbeatable heat retention makes all the difference. Arc’s 2-layer space-age insulation and thick stone floor reach 950ºF / 500ºC quickly and then stays hot while cooking, like no other compact oven and no door needed, so there’s superior heat consistency and minimal heat loss – you can cook pizza after pizza with no delays.

Cook different with the Arc

Create any style of pizza

Arc is designed to cook restaurant-worthy pizza – any style. Hot and fast Neapolitan, classic and steady New York, low and slow Detroit, you name it. Easily fine tune the oven’s temperature to give you the perfect bake you’re looking for. The digital temperature gauge highlights the different pizza making zones, so you know when the oven is ready to go.

Which oven is right for you?

  • Viewing

    The world’s most advanced compact oven for creating 14” pizza



    Fuel Type

    Gas-fueled Propane

    Pizza Size

    Up to 14” Pizza

    Heat Retention

    2-Layer Insulation

  • The original stone-floor portable oven that started a pizza revolution.



    Fuel Type

    Propane with Wood-fire Burner available

    Pizza Size

    Up to 12” Pizza

    Heat Retention

    Hybrid 2-Layer Insulation

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Size Comparison

  • Arc


    Cooking Space

    1,702 sq. cm.

    Pizza Size


    Oven Mouth Size

    377mm x 95mm



  • Arc XL

    Cooking Space

    2,184 sq. cm.

    Pizza Size


    Oven Mouth Size

    427mm x 95mm



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Explore More Details

  • Technical Specifications
  • FAQs
  • Manuals
    • External oven dimensions Width 480mm (18.9") x depth 564mm (22.2") x height 342mm (13.5")
    • Internal oven dimensions Width 377mm (14.8”) x depth 462mm (18.1”) x height 173mm (6.8”)
    • Max temperature 500°c
    • Oven weight Oven alone 21.5 kg / in its packaging 28kg
    • Cooking floor 20mm (0.8") removable cordierite stone
    • What is included with a Arc?

      The Arc features the following items:

      • Arc Outdoor Oven
      • Thermometer
      • 1.2m Gas Hose & Regulator
      • burner guard
      • flue outlet
      • stone adjustment tool
      • torx screw driver
      • matchstick holder
      • manual
    • What assembly is required?

      The Arc requires no assembly. Simply maneuver the oven onto the Arc Stand, Booster, or your chosen cooking platform using the lifting recesses in the dock. You then connect to your propane gas fuel source.

    • How much does Arc weigh?

      The oven alone weighs 21.5kg.

      In its packaging it weighs 28kg. 

      Oven External Dimensions:

      • Width - 18.9" (480mm)
      • Depth - 22.2" (564mm)
      • Height - 13.5" (342mm)

      Oven Internal Dimensions:

      • Width - 14.8“ (377mm)
      • Depth - 18.1" (462mm)
      • Height - 6.8“ (173mm)

      Oven Mouth Dimensions:

      • Width - 14.8" (377mm)
      • Height - 3.74" (95mm)

      Hose Length:

      • 1.2m
    • Is the pizza stone removable?

      Yes, it is. The Arc has a 20mm removable cordierite stone.

    • Can I use my Arc oven indoors?

      The Arc is not suitable for use indoors.

    • What accessories are compatible with the Arc?

      The Arc is compatible with all Arc accessories. This includes:

      • Arc Stand
      • Arc Booster
      • Arc Cover
      • Arc + Stand Cover
      • Arc Mantel

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How to Pizza

The ultimate cheat code for pizza. Learn how to go from pizza-beginner to pizza-hero in our new GozneyTV series. Watch as our pizza pros teach our rookie how to do it – so you can, too.

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Arc at Home

Changing the way the world cooks outdoors.

Cook Different

Cooking on Gozney is captivating, fast and exciting. Everyone can be a part of it. Family memories are built, friends become pizza chefs and you become the creator of something new.

Performs Better

Unrivaled quality. Obsessive engineering. Built to endure. Every Gozney product is designed from the origins of our market-leading restaurant ovens.

Makes it Easy

Simple set up. Effortless control. From unboxing to first firing in minutes, Gozney makes cooking with fire simple. Whether beginner, home chef or pro, you can make ordinary ingredients, extraordinary.