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Types Of Pizza Dough

We have gone through a lot of different pizza dough recipes here at Gozney, from the classics Neapolitan and New York-Style, to modern doughs like the airy crust Canotto style and the 100% Biga pizza dough.

There are plenty of pizza dough options to choose from, some require more time, effort and experience, others are simple and quick!

To help you navigate through the pizza dough universe, we have listed and explained some of our all-time favourite pizza doughs. Try something new next time you fire up your Gozney Pizza Oven!

Neapolitan Pizza

Let's start with the OG - Neapolitan Pizza, a thin base, puffy and chewy yet crisp crust. If you are new to making pizza dough, this is the one for you! With a few ingredients and simple steps, you'll be balling like a true pizzaiolo.

48 hour Fermented Pizza Dough

A 48 hour ferment means this dough takes on the most incredible flavour and the addition of olive oil, coupled with a lower temperature, 5 minute bake time, results in the most incredible thin and crispy sourdough pizza. Definitely worth the wait….

New York Style Pizza

Cooked at a slightly lower temperature than it’s Neapolitan cousin, New York pizza is just as steeped in history and just as tasty!

A blend of flours, the addition of oil, and a longer bake result in a crispier finished pizza that is still so deliciously chewy and pliable that it’ll have you and your friends feeling like extras in Goodfellas!

Here are some of our best New York-Style Pizza Recipes:

  • New York Cheese Pizza
  • Spicy Margherita NY Style Pizza
  • Hot Dog and French Fries Pizza
  • 100% Biga Pizza Dough

    Adam Atkins (@peddlingpizzas) shows us how to make this simple 100% Biga pizza dough recipe - perfect for any pizza lover looking to produce crusts which are full of flavour and beautifully puffy (the Biga the better!).

    This recipe requires you to make a pre-ferment called a Biga the day prior to making your pizza. It’s referred to as ‘100% Biga’ as 100% of the flour used in this recipe goes into the Biga pre-ferment on day 1.

    Canotto Style Pizza - Poolish Pizza Dough

    Canotto (or ‘dinghy’!) style pizza is characterised by it’s large, almost inflated looking airy crust.

    Caputo, the Italian flour masters, have barely changed their blue bag, Neapolitan flour since 1889- until now! Their new ‘Nuvola’ flour is designed to create incredibly canotto pizzas and here is our recipe incorporating a poolish preferment to product an airy, incredibly crumbed crust with the most insane flavour profile!

    Sourdough Pizza

    The trend for making sourdough pizza is showing no sign of slowing down- and rightly so! It’s incredibly delicious, good for the gut and genuinely fun to make.

    However it can seem a bit daunting when you first dive down the sourdough rabbit hole so we’ve created this (reasonably!) simple entry recipe into sourdough pizza. Don’t have a starter? No problem, check out our guide to building a sourdough starter on our previous recipe.

    Gluten Free Pizza

    For those avoiding gluten, all you need to prepare our awesome gluten-free pizza dough recipe is gluten-free flour, cold water, fresh yeast or instant yeast, salt and olive oil. Super easy to make!

    Detroit Style Pizza

    With its rectangular shape, light, airy dough, and savoury, browned cheese perimeter, the Detroit-style pie encourages savouring of the corner pieces, where crust real estate is most plentiful. True to its blue-collar Motor City roots, the square is an everyman of pizza, inviting eaters to feast in a come-as-you-are fashion — either with a fork and knife or by hand.

    We have 3 delicious Detroit Style recipes that you should definitely give a try...

  • Detroit Style Pepperoni, Burrata and Hot Honey Pizza
  • Hot Dog Detroit Style Pizza
  • Pineapple & Pancetta Detroit Style Pizza
  • Now that you are an expert on pizza dough, it is time to fire up your Gozney Pizza Oven. Oh and don't forget to check out our range of professional-grade accessories, they will take your pizza game to the next level